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Meet A Mom- Carly Goidosik!

I am honored to feature this special community member, tribe leader, and one of the most supportive moms I know- Carly Goidosik! Carly opened the Dailey Method Barre Studio, in downtown Birmingham. She has created a special environment where all females feel empowered, and get an amazing workout at the same time. The Dailey Method has been one of my “go to” workouts during and after my pregnancies over the past 7 years. As a mom, I felt comfortable and supported at The Dailey Method. Physically, the gentle (not easy!) yet effective workout helped me ease back into shape. Plus they have a childcare room, so I always felt good being able to bring a baby, or a toddler with me. Learn more about Carly, and why you should check out The Dailey Method! Carly can be found at The Dailey Method, Birmingham. The studio can be found on Instagram @tdmbirmingham, and Carly can be found @vibrant_carly.

How many children do you have and what are their ages? While I feel like I have 3 kids (the studio was my first baby)- I have 2 boys. Joey will be 6 in December. He just started Kindergarten at West Bloomfield. To be honest, I am still acclimating to the transition and settling into our new normal. Sawyer is 3- and boy is he 3! He’s also just… Sawyer. Different than his empathetic big bro, Sawyer confidently does Sawyer.

How long have you lived in the area? What made you decide to raise your family here? My hubby (Greg) and I first moved to Birmingham 7 years ago when we settled back into our Michigan roots after a 4 year stint in Chicago.

Toward the end of our time in the Windy City, we got the itch to get closer to family before we started one of our own. My dream of opening my own Dailey Method studio was also brewing. After thoughtful research and a visit to Birmingham, we had our answer. It was time to bring TDM to Michigan and Birmingham was the ideal first location (my college bestie owns the 2nd Michigan-based Dailey Method but that’s a story for another piece:).

We ended up buying our first home in Sylvan Lake in 2015 after we visited and fell in love with the community. Growing up with a dad as a seasonal fishing guide and a love for Northern Michigan, the presence of water calms me. Despite what many think, it’s a short 15 minute drive from the studio, when there isn’t traffic or construction, so my commute is fairly painless. On the contrary, it’s actually enjoyable most days because I get to listen to podcasts. Where are all my podcast peeps?

One of my favorite things about Sylvan is the people. I met my sister wife there (not REALLY my sister wife, but I do think every mom should find themselves one) so I have a close support circle I get to do life with. Sylvan Lake is the kind of place where I can totally trust boys to ride their bikes to their friends’ houses (when they are ready for that kind of thing… not quite yet). It’s a neighborhood you would imagine existed in the 50’s where everyone seems to look out for each other.

I know myself well and I need community. I crave real, deep, meaningful connections. After trying to do motherhood without my village (our family is closer than if we lived in Chicago but still 1.5 hours away) and ultimately going through postpartum burnout as a result, I realized that I need people close to me who I can give to and receive from. Building my village in Sylvan has been a game-changer on my mommy mental health.

Shameless plug: My “sister wife” Dee Sloan owns the new Board & Brush creative studio in Sylvan Lake. I don’t consider myself a DIYer but you guys, it’s so much fun! I’ve been there for a kid’s birthday party, GNO, and date night. Every time we have a blast.

What is your favorite family activity in Birmingham/Bloomfield Hills? Nothing beats taking that old piece of cardboard down the hill at Booth Park. Amiright moms?!

Where are your favorite places to eat with your kids in town? Our favorite restaurant is Loya Organic in Bloomfield. Not only do their ingredients pass this natural mama’s admitted high standards but the food is soooo yummy! I order their Garlic Chicken for lunch takeout on average 1-2 times/week and the boys love it when I do. I tack on an extra skewer of chicken and a side of warm bread for them. Pair it with a fruit and veggie from home and it’s a budget-conscious, nutritious AND delicious option for the whole family.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? Well I don’t know if this is actually a surprise because I’ve recently opened up about it on my IG handle @vibrant_carly. I love to swear. There’s something about women with big hearts and potty mouths that really speaks to my soul. Gosh, I hope my mother-in-law doesn’t read this. Sorry mom!

Please tell us about The Dailey Method, and why you decided to open up the studio. In short, The Dailey Method is an alignment-based Barre workout. That’s what made me fall in love with it 10 years ago. It’s smart exercise that’s also super effective. I have my degree in Kinesiology so after my first few Dailey classes, I knew there was something special about this Method.

Big picture// it’s the community that has my heart. We have so many women from different stages of life who walk through our studio doors. From brand new mamas to empty-nesters, there’s a collective feminine energy that holds space for every season of life. We honor the female experience. We look each other in the eye to see one another and ask how we’re ‘REALLY’ doing. We know and call each other by name. We support one another. We share stories. Oh, and we workout together. I cannot imagine my life without this special place.

What workout advice would you give to a new mom?

Be gentle with yourself, mama. There’s a lot of pressure in our current culture to do it all. I felt tremendous pressure to ‘get back into shape’ after having my babies and it wasn’t a healthy or realistic approach. It caused a lot of physical, emotional, and mental distraught that I am still working through years later.

My advice is to be gentle with yourself and take things slow. At Dailey Method we offer wonderful Gentle and restorative classes that will support your postnatal healing once your physician or midwife gives you the thumbs up to return to exercise. But don’t push it. Make sure you exercise in a way that feels good to your body and modify as you rebuild strength. Our teachers are very knowledgeable and they want the best for you so please reach out before or after class so we can show you your modifications. Modifications will promote your healing, not prolong it.

We also offer childcare so you can have an hour to yourself while your littles are engaged in a mindful environment. I know that I am best able to care for others when my cup is full. That’s not selfish, that’s smart.

I also recommend Physical Therapy with Christina Morales of PhyAFit, for anyone who’s had a baby. She specializes in postnatal rehabilitation. I’ve been seeing her myself the past 8 weeks and have sent other Dailey mamas to her, and let me tell you- she knows her stuff. Because her specialty is working with new moms (BONUS! She’s a mom herself!) she can zero in on the unique issues we face while our bodies recover from growing and birthing human life.

What do you love about your job? What’s not to love? And I don’t mean that sarcastic. I get to come to work, bring my kids if I need to, and be in the company of other badass women.

What drew me to The Dailey Method originally was everything that is seen above the surface. It was the tip of the iceberg- the physical workout itself. My WHY today is everything you don’t see, everything underneath the surface. What keeps me coming back to serve my Dailey community is the emotional and mental benefits that happen when women come together, in circle (either around the room at the barre or to connect before or after class) to support each other and lift one another higher.

What do you do to balance work and motherhood? Mantras! I remind myself that I can do ANYthing but not EVERYthing. I have to constantly challenge the story I replay over and over in my head that I am not enough if I need help. I often lovingly remind myself that it’s not a sign of weakness when I ask for or receive support, that I am not designed to do life alone. Life is much more beautiful and enjoyable when I allow others in to help me. This is not my natural mentality so it’s something that takes awareness and practice.

Also, my morning rituals have become my foundation. Most mornings I wake an hour before the boys to meditate, write in my gratitude journal, and read something soulful or something that will challenge me to think in a new way. My morning rituals have not always been. I’ve grown into this practice as a result of painful postpartum burnout. A little backstory on that…

3 years ago I had a scary panic attack. I was driving down the road with both boys in the car. This low point became my turning point. It was my wake up call that made me realize something had to shift. I was living with an unrealistic expectation of motherhood and of myself. I thought I was going to pop my babies out, strap them to my back, and carry on with business as usual at the same capacity as I had before becoming a mom. The Universe stopped me in my tracks with my postpartum burnout and that’s when I knew I was hustling too hard in all areas of my life.

A regular meditation practice, which evolved into morning rituals, pulled me out of the darkest season of my life. This inside-out healing journey has helped me balance work and mommy hood by owning that I am worthy as I am, without overworking myself. I’ve learned that doing my best is always enough. And when I do more than my best, I am actually going against myself. Through my morning rituals I’ve realized that if I am going to give, I must also receive. It’s helped me identify the unhealthy patterns I’ve subconsciously inherited and challenge the voices in my head so I can choose to listen to my inner best friend over my inner critic.

Is there anyone special you would like to thank for helping you through parenthood?

Yes. Thank you for asking. It really does take a village and mine is strong. My husband Greg is a wonderful partner. He supports me on the home front. He’s an engaged, hands-on dad and a considerate husband. With his support, I get to go out into the world and live my purpose of supporting and empowering women, with the peace of mind that our babies are being nurtured. Our families may not be close enough to help on the regular but have always watched the boys for longer stretches so Greg and I can spend time together and travel. To the ladies at the Nest, you know who you are, thank you for being grounded and loving caregivers for Joey and Sawyer during their formative years.

My studio family// you’ve been with me since the beginning of my motherhood journey and you’ve stood by my side through the ups and the downs. Thank you for treating the business like it’s yours so I can put family first. Your support has given me the courage to look at my priorities through a new lens and let go of the idea that I need to be both 100% business owner AND 100% mom.

To my sister wife Dee, thank you. Having another family to do life with makes being a mom so much more fun. It’s the little things that make such a big difference for me and help me feel completely supported while raising tiny humans. Our kids go to the same schools so we share carpool. If she’s making a Target run, she will pick up diapers or bath paint for us. When I meal prep I drop of a batch for her and her family. I love doing life with you, Dee. And to the women out there being models- not martyrs, thank you for leading the way (That’s now my concept. I got it from Glennon Doyle)!

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now? I know I’ve already said a lot about the importance of my village. It’s cliche but I know deep in my bones that we are better together.


Thank you Carly, for your honesty and vulnerability. We are lucky to have you as a part of the community!

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