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Top 4 Reasons All Moms Need Laser Hair Removal

If you’re a busy mom who has better things to do with her time than constantly shaving or waxing – you’re in for a real sweet treat. Laser Hair Removal will not only save you time, but gives you the confidence to feel your best, even on those hectic days – most especially with summer, vacay and pool days right around the corner.

  • Biggest time saving hack

With Laser Hair Removal, you’ll no longer have to worry about scheduling regular waxing appointments or constantly shaving in the shower. Think about how much time you spend on this – approximately 1,400 hours over your lifetime, to be exact. Instead, opt for 8 short sessions and be done – for good. As a busy mom, time is your greatest resource – with permanent hair removal, you can now experience the infamous 2 minute shower and use your precious time to focus on the things that matter the most (literally, anything else).

  • Always ready

Picture this – you’ve already packed up the kids – bathing suits, towels, SPF, change of clothes, and you’re good to get in the car and go – easy breezy. No longer do you experience that moment of panic – I forgot to shave, I have to run to the store and grab razors, I need to find time to schedule a last minute wax, or there’s no time left and I have to just wait and shave once we get there.

Enjoy being able to get up and go – put on the shorts, the dresses and bathing suits, take the kids on vacation or have a day at the pool. You’re smooth and ready to go – like, all the time, and for anything.

  • Smooth skin, always

Your skin looks and feels her best without the dark stubble or dark hair roots beneath the surface. After Laser Hair Removal, the overall appearance of your skin is soft, smooth, and glowy – talk about great looking legs and feeling sexy – it’s a total confidence boost!

  • Chin hairs? Not anymore

Did you know – hormone changes (esp before and after your sweet babies) can cause hair to grow in not your fave places? First of all, it is totally normal for this to happen and most women experience this right alongside you – you are not alone. Great news – moms, you can now put your mirror and tweezers down and say goodbye to those pesky chin hairs for good with Laser Hair Removal. It’s important you feel your best!

As with any cosmetic procedure, it’s important to do your research and find a reputable space with experienced Medical Professionals and the best device for Laser Hair Removal – not all lasers are created equally, and not even close. Rave reviews from clients on google and social media is also a must.

Plush Laser is a local, woman owned business in Birmingham with a team of highly experienced Registered Nurses specialized in one thing only – laser. You’ll experience the power of smooth skin in a boutique, luxury setting for quick and easy treatments. They also offer affordable payment plans and a Forever Smooth Guarantee – so you’re protected, for life.

Ultimately, Laser Hair Removal can be a great investment in your time and confidence as a busy mom. So why not consider it as a way to simplify your life and feel your best?

Bonus – things just got even sweeter! Plush Laser is celebrating YOU with a super generous Mothers Day Special – so you can also experience the powers of smooth skin. Get 20% off your underarms, bikini & lower legs package until May 14th! Book your Free Consultation to experience the life changing benefits of Laser Hair Removal today.

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