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Introducing the Cohens! Join us as we take a peek into their lives and witness their incredible businesses, (Noah is a 2nd generation in Real Estate and Dana runs a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic with a focus in pain management through Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine) their adorable son Cameron, and everything in between. We loved learning about your businesses, how you juggle it all and your beautiful family.

Let’s get personal first. Tell us about your family and your favorite weekend activity, besides showing homes. 

Dana and I had our first beautiful baby boy Cameron Ezra Cohen 9 months ago! Cameron has two built in playmates–Levi (6 year old Pit bull) & Tootsie (2 year old Spaniel).  Life with two dogs and a baby is always busy, but it’s the best busy we could ask for. When my wife and I are not working, our top priority is quality family time.  We love taking Cam and the dogs for walks, going to parks, boating, and cooking, lots of cooking!  Dana is the most impressive cook always creating new dishes for us to try.  She keeps us very well fed!


The real estate market is ever changing. How do you stay on top of it. 

Through my 15 years of experience, I have seen the worst (2010) and the best (currently) and everything in between.  Experience and time taught me to adapt to the ever-fluctuating market. You cannot be afraid of change. Every industry has its ups and downs. My philosophy is to always capitalize on the good, stable times to secure yourself for the tough times. Trying new marketing tactics, connecting with a large network of other realtors across the country, as well as, staying current on our economy allows me to stay ahead of the curb. My team plays an imperative role in creating interesting content, branding strategy, and innovative ways to continue to grow my business. I rely on others, but I love what I do. My drive to help others alongside my passion for homes, and education of construction helps me stay focused and on top of it all. 

How did you get into real estate? Do you have a particular focus in our area?

Prior to real estate, I was in the business of renovations and additions. When the market fell out, my partner & mother Melanie Bishop suggested I try residential real estate.  At the time, I wasn’t certain how real estate would pan out. Once I became a realtor I never looked back!  The majority of my business is focused around the Lakes, Bloomfield Hills, Woodward corridor, West Bloomfield and surrounding areas. However, I will always branch outside of these areas – as it is my passion to work and help others.

Tell us a bit more about you, your expertise and your real estate business.

I take great pride in what I do.  From a very young age, my family has instilled the importance of your name in this community, along with humility and kindness. I carried these lessons into my professional life. I am a person prioritizes service and ensuring my clients are my top priority.  I am a boutique realtor because rapport with my clients is of the utmost importance. I want each of my clients to be treated the way I would like to be treated. Working 7 days a week, my clients know I am always available. 

Since 2016 alone, I have closed over $400 million in real estate and this year just hit over 1 billion in career sales between myself and partner. 

Always a fun question, what are the top trends in the housing market for buyers and sellers?

Right now, we are fighting an inventory shortage for a few years.  The pandemic was a major contributor to that.  The result of this has catapulted our housing values and finding good homes is hard to do.  Even today, we are still short on inventory keeping us in a seller’s market which is continuing the rise in housing value. Interest rates for buyers have doubled in the past 8 months. Today rates are around 6.5% — a contributing factor to consider in buying a home for people today. 

As I tell my clients, now is still a great time to buy and to not let rates stop you.  Eventually they will go back down and you can always refinance. Historically speaking, 5% is still a great rate which is only 1.5% higher than where we are now. 

If you’re nervous about selling or buying, do you have any advice or steps someone should take.

Each situation is different because everyone is nervous about different parts of each transaction. I address each clients concerns based on what worries them. I express the importance of each step and make sure each client is well informed. Knowledge is power in relation to real estate. Although the process feels daunting, the more you know the better position you are in.

For those looking to buy and live in their home short term (3-5 years), buying at the right price is important. For those looking to buy and live long term, what you might pay today for a home wont matter 10-20 years down the road.  For example, I happened to buy my house in a crazy time.  Overpaying wasn’t an issue for me since I knew we would raise our family in this house and I have no intentions of selling. For people looking to sell, this market is still ideal. The hardest part for sellers right now is most have to find something and are struggling with low inventory.  Making sure you have something lined up is the best advice because selling will not be a problem.  With my experience, I have many solutions/problem solving skills to help.

Fun fact:

I have been racing cars competitively for 14 years now and am a huge adrenaline junky.

Your wife Dana runs a successful acupuncture practice with a focus in integrative and holistic medicine, want to give us a few details on that? 

Dana opened her Chinese medicine clinic six years ago. She worked very hard to establish her business and her remarkable reputation. Dana graduated with an integrative physiology degree at the University of Colorado. She then received her Master’s in Chinese medicine and acupuncture license from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago.  Part of Dana’s success is the personal care she gives to all her patients. Her treatment plans are customized based on the person. She takes the time to understand the root cause that gives rise to their symptomology – with the goal to resolve the disease in totality.  Dana has one of the largest in-house herbal pharmacies in metro Detroit.  Her clinic utilizes all modalities of Chinese medicine — acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Gua Sha, Tui Na, diet recommendations, etc. This gives her the ability to treat all forms of physical and emotional conditions. She treats a lot of pain conditions, as well as women’s health. The extent of knowledge, dedication, and care shines, which is why people from all over the State of Michigan come to her specifically. 

What’s the secret to running two successful businesses and a raising a family?

Striving for balance!  Dana and I are continually learning through this process by communicating, leaning on family support, and always carving out time for one another. 


Instagram: @melanie_bishop_noah_cohen and @urnum1agent

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Melanie S Bishop & Noah S. Bishop Cohen

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