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As women and moms we put our bodies through a lot from the early stages of pregnancy through delivery and even when our children continue to grow. Society puts so much pressure on moms to have it all together. As moms, we struggle. Yes, it’s a time of joy and bliss but there are constant adjustments with our bodies with hormones, anxiety/depression, low energy and much more. We as moms rarely put ourselves first but it’s important to take care of our health so we can give our all to our families and feel our best.


Dr. Keshav Grover, a local Functional/Integrative Medicine practitioner focuses on a healthy lifestyle. They take advantage of new findings to treat your health and examine how various environmental and lifestyle factors impact your health. Their approach allows patients to develop new habits suitable for their lifestyle versus going from one new health trend to another without sustainable results. He’s amazing and incredibly knowledgeable. 

We sat down for coffee last month to talk about moms. He’s a dad himself so he understands what us moms go through. We talked about some of the top issues moms have and how Dr. Grover can be your #1 source to get your health back 

As a mom, have you struggle with:

  • Low Energy
  • Gut Health
  • Infertility
  • Nutrition
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Hormone Imbalance 

In an ideal world, we would all live with full vigor and wake up each morning rested and rejuvenated. One could say we would be ready to attack anything we wanted to. However, for most individuals this is not reality. At Grover Health, we honor our moms for all the hats they wear. They hold a truly distinct position in society. In becoming a mom, a woman tends to go through many changes during teenage years all the way up to the moment when they learn they are going to be a mother. These changes can and do occur even beyond delivering a baby. In our practice, we see many women present with fatigue, sleep disturbance, infertility, mental health issues (anxiety/ depression), and skin rashes/issues (eczema/ acne). These tend be symptoms of larger issues stemming from hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, and possibly compromised gut health. Of note, each system in our body communicates with another. For women the input into our bodies has a massive impact on our hormonal regulation. By taking a deep dive to tease out where the imbalances are with an extensive consultation and advanced testing, we can help provide tangible lifestyle solutions to help our mom’s return to a state of wellbeing. 

Grover Health and Wellness is a one patient practice retreat. Which means you’ll get the most incredible care from not only Dr. Grover himself, but his amazing staff which is full of young moms. Have you struggled with some of the most common issues above while trying to get pregnant or becoming a mom? Start a healthy lifestyle just around the corner on Woodward with Grover Health and Wellness. Start simple with a consultation in office or over video. 

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