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Grover Health and Wellness is a place to create lifestyle solutions. And with everything we go through from pregnancy, to childbirth and beyond the moms of Grover Health truly has us covered in all aspects. It’s important that us moms to feel like us. Nutrition can play a big role into how we feel as well as our mindfulness, (nervous system). That’s why we wanted to introduce Alison and Sara.

Meet Alison, RDN

She’s a New York native and moved to Michigan 2 years ago for her  husband’s business, Burrwood Veterinary which opened November 2022. She’s a mom of two adorable humans (Graham 3 years old, and Shay just 2 months old) and one fur baby (Cy). She has loved living in Birmingham thus far especially because of the tight knit community.  She loves getting involved in school activities, community events and very rarely misses a farmer’s market Sunday.  For her, one of the most beautiful parts about being a mom is that it reminds her of things she loved to do as a kid such as art and reading.  She always has two books on the go – one focused on nutrition or self-help, and the other fiction (usually a mystery novel).   Taking out her markers and losing herself in a color-by-number book has become her go-to outlet when she needs a break from daily life or has something on her mind. 

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Being a mom there’s a huge importance of staying healthy. Tell us more about your role as a mom, your health and how it plays into your role at Grover Health and Wellness

I believe children are mirror reflections of ourselves and becoming a mom has made me question everyday “who do I want to be?  how do I want to show up for them?”  It has forced me to define myself, what I need, and what makes me happy.  I want my kids to see me as someone who not only loves and nurtures those around her but also prioritizes self-care and personal well-being.  However, self-care and well-being looks different for me each day.   I try to move my body daily.  Some days this looks like yoga or pilates while on other days it’s walking to pick up my son from school or riding my bike with him in a trailer to the park in the afternoon.   My diet is filled with fruits, vegetables, and daily green juice, but I also love my red wine, skinny margaritas, chocolate, and ice cream.  I try to meditate daily (usually only 5 minutes) but also need to tune out with some Bravo TV.

While I am passionate about nutrition, I think the current landscape of the health and wellness industry is polarizing.  You can either be a total health-nut or not care about health at all.  You can either be holistic and natural or medicated and fake.  I live my life in between these extremes and am dedicated to helping others, which includes my family and my patients at Grover Health and Wellness, navigate this gray area.  It’s not about rigid rules or deprivation but about making mindful choices that contribute to your overall well-being. 

Meet Sara

Sara is a nervous system and nutrition coach at Grover health. She’s married with two sons, one 6 and one 8 years old. A busy, busy mom. Her family enjoys staying active, especially spending time together in nature. Her sons play both soccer and hockey;  her husband plays hockey; and she enjoys playing sports with her family, hiking, camping, gardening, reading and yoga. We love a good outdoor mom!

Being the best parent she can be is very important, as it is for many mothers. This means staying healthy for her kids both physically and emotionally. She also wants to be able to enjoy parenting, let go of stress, and be able to have ease in her days.

The more she researched holistic health the more she noticed the nervous systems large impact on us. She started to notice the patterns between stress and lack of wellness in both parents and their children.  All of this led her to my work at Grover health. Now she help clients regulate their nervous system so their bodies can heal, and they can move through life with more ease. Regulating is especially important for mothers, who need to feel both centered and energetic for the demands of parenting.

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Grover Health and Wellness is staked with the tools us moms need to truly feel and be our best. Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs. The toll it takes on our bodies physically and mentally can be a challenge but if we have women like Alison and Sara who can help us, it will do wonders to our health now and in 10+ years.

Interested in learning more? You can do a consultation by video or phone to truly get deep into issues that you may not even know will help you live a better lifestyle. 




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