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Meet Keek. A new(ish) mama to her beautiful daughter Carmena and a Cosmetic Nurse injector (MSN, FNP) at Face Candy Beauty Bar. She just had her dream wedding on a small island where her family is from, can we say STUNNING and her background in the hospital will give you all the mama feels of compassion. Keek, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family with us and your incredible business.  Read more about Keek, she’s a must see mama’s. 

How many children do you have and what are their names and ages?

I currently have one daughter; her name is Carmena and she is almost 18 months old. She is the funniest, silliest, goofiest,  and sassiest little girl. My husband and I just started trying for our second, we’re ready to start growing our family!

Where do your kids go to school?

Carmena is not in school yet, however we already have her on the waitlist for Saint Hugo kindergarten. I’m really on top of things lol.

You go by the name Keek! We love that nickname, how did you get it?

My real name is Kaylee and when we were younger my cousins couldn’t pronounce Kaylee so they would say Ke-Ke which then got shortened to Keek and it just stuck! I’ve tried using my real name at work thinking it would be the most professional, but so many people know me as Keek that people got confused and asked “Who’s Kaylee?” so i started just having to use Keek socially and professionally!

You’re a Cosmetic Nurse injector (MSN, FNP) at Face Candy Beauty Bar, LOVE that. Tells us about your services and what separate you from the rest. 

Before I got into cosmetic injectable’s, I worked as a floor registered nurse for 6 years on a very high acuity critical care unit at Royal Oak Beaumont. I then decided to expand my knowledge and go back to school to become a nurse practitioner. During the covid-19 pandemic I worked 14 twelve hour shifts straight as the unit I worked on at Royal Oak Beaumont was one of the first covid units in Michigan. All these moments really impacted my life and have helped me to become selfless. It takes those sentimental moments with your patients as a bed side nurse in the hospital to really have an exceptional bed side manner and to learn how to be compassionate. Even as an injector, even though i’m no longer in the hospital, I still strive to put my clients needs first, be supportive for them when making a big decision about different cosmetic treatments, and using my knowledge to make sure my clients are in the utmost safest hands. On top of this I come from a very artistic family, where design and creativity really come naturally. Everyone always asks me how I’m so talented at what I do, and the honest answer is, it truly comes naturally.

What’s the favorite part of your job? And what would you say is your staple. 

My favorite part of my job is of course making my clients happy. I also feel really honored when my clients trust my guidance and my opinion and then seeing the look on their face once their treatment is complete and them saying how satisfied they are and how happy they are that they chose to trust me with their face. I have OCD and i’m a perfectionist haha so honestly i’m really good at facial balancing but doing lip filler is what i’m known for.

What are the main things you see women for? Is there any new service or must we must get? Self-care is so important but also feeling confident in our skin after kids is too. 🙂

I see women for botox, dysport, and all sorts of facial fillers, I also offer sculptra and PRP.  Full facial balancing and replacing volume loss with filler is ideal for those women who have noticed themselves starting to age. At the age of 30, we start to lose collagen which leads to aging, so it’s never too early to start getting injectable’s so that you can age gracefully. Lots of women get worried that fillers will make them look “fake”, but if done right, it looks super natural!  If you haven’t tried it already, everyone needs Dysport. It’s just like Botox but kicks in faster and I swear even thoughts it’s not supposed to, for most women it lasts a tad bit longer! it’s also cheaper! All my clients, friends, and family are hooked on Dysport.

Tell us a fun fact about you?

We had our dream destination wedding in the country where my family is from. It’s a super small island in the Mediterranean sea that not many people have heard of, but it’s beautiful, it’s called Malta. so i’m Maltese which people always seem to think is interesting.

What made you decide to raise your family here?

My husband grew up in Birmingham so naturally we ended up here! Also it’s such a beautiful, clean, and SAFE city so it was a no brainer. My in laws, and brother and sister in law and their families all live a hop skip and a jump away in the same area. It’s really nice having family all in the same city because my daughter is going to grow up being very close with her cousins.

With the holiday coming up, what are you most looking forward to do with your family. 

I love christmas time, I love christmas movies and drinking hot coco, and all the family get together with good food! lol  Last year my daughter was only 6 months old on Christmas so she really had no idea what was going on. I’m looking forward  to seeing the excitement on her face this year as she opens presents and meets Santa Claus.

What do you do to balance your own life and motherhood? What do you do for “me” time? Juggling your own business and kids is always hardwork.

Luckily my husband doesn’t have to go into work until the evening. So he’s a huge help and i’m really grateful for that. He watches our daughter during the day while I work and I watch her in the evening while he works. He will also watch her in the mornings while I go to the gym, or get my nails done, etc. I also love bringing her everywhere with me that I can. I bring her to meet up with my friends for coffee dates, or to run errands. She’s like my little side kick. We also have 6 rotating  sitters lol that we use on the weekends to make sure we make date nights a priority.

Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through parenthood?

Two of my best friends Callie and Danielle both were great help. They were probably the 2 people closest to me that had also JUST had babies! They also weren’t judgemental at all which made me really open to asking them for advice. My 2 sister in laws were also great help, as they each have 3 kids. My sister and I were pregnant with our firsts  at the same time so it was nice relating to her as another new first time mom.

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