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In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives, we often forget to prioritize the one thing that matters most: mental health. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of daily obligations, leaving little time for self-reflection and self-care. But mental health is not something that can be brushed aside or postponed. It’s the cornerstone of our overall well-being, affecting every aspect of our lives.

Welcome to Encore Psychology, a local group of clinical psychologists and clinicians who provide quality mental health care. They offer highly accessible support, empathy, and compassion in a collaborative environment. Did you know over 70% of therapists in the United States are women, but its rare to find an all-female group of psychologists such as metro Detroits very own Encore Psychology. 

Founded by Michigan native Dr. Brooke Colman, the practice offers the best in psychological and neuropsychological testing, including pediatric testing (for toddlers, children, and adolescents from age 2 to 18) and testing for adults (age 16 and up) including ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, school readiness, IQ assessments… and many more.  

Meet Dr. Brooke Colman, lead psychologist.  Dr. Brooke Colman is a licensed psychologist who offers psychotherapy and a variety of evaluation and consultation services requested by attorneys, physicians, and schools.

Dr. Colman has worked in many settings, including hospitals, primary care offices, and the Veteran Affairs. Dr. Colman has a wide breadth of knowledge in many diverse areas of medical and mental health practice including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, weight management, behavioral concerns: ADHD, cognitive decline, and pre-surgical evaluations, among others. NAADAC Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) Certified and evaluate substance abuse disorders.

Dr. Colman offers highly accessible support, empathy, and compassion in a collaborative environment.

It has always been my dream to specialize in mental health needs and give back to the community where I grew up,” said Dr. Brooke Colman, lead psychologist. “Im blessed to have an opportunity to showcase women doing incredible work, working with incredible people, and offering services to a community that at this moment truly needs our services for testing.” As the school year continues or work becomes more stressful, teachers, parents, and other caregivers may notice their children, teens, and young adults having difficulty concentrating or staying on task during classroom activities or homework. Psychological testing can help them make informed decisions about the best way to move forward.

At Encore Psychology, psychological testing helps therapists and specialists craft customized treatment plans, tailor-made to fit ones unique needs. Through these assessments, individuals gain a panoramic view of our inner landscape, opening doors to therapeutic approaches that can bring healing, growth, and transformation.

In a world often plagued by misconceptions and stigma, psychological testing becomes a powerful tool to break down the barriers of misunderstanding. It cultivates empathy within society, encouraging everyone to embrace the complexities of the human mind. With its scientific approach, it dispels doubts and cultivates a culture of acceptance and support, fostering a world where mental health is given the care and attention it deserves.

Colman and her colleagues are dedicated to addressing the diverse psychological needs of women, men, children, couples, and families. “Our motto is that Encore Psychology is a stepping stone on a lifelong journey of discovery,” she said. We are our patientsbiggest advocate, cheerleader, and support system during good and sometimes hard times, and we are rooting for them every step of the way.”

Teenager girl talking with psychologist at home.

It’s crucial to remember that experiencing mental health challenges is not a sign of weakness; rather, it’s a testament to our resilience and the complex nature of the human mind.

For more information or to make an appointment, please visit our website contact page at: www.encorepsychology.com

P: 248-452-6669

33 Bloomfield Hills Parkway, Suite 225, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304

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