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Parenthood is a unique and amazing adventure, unmatched by any other life transition. Whether you’re a first-time parent or adding to your family, it’s filled with heartwarming moments. And, it’s also filled with an emotional rollercoaster ride of challenges, especially postpartum. Healing Home Counseling Group understands that ride and the whole carnival of parenting. Led by experienced perinatal mental health experts, Annie Phillips LMSW PMH-C and Priya Rednam-Waldo LMSW MPH PMH-C, Healing Home provides compassionate therapy services and wellness resources for all on the journey of parenthood.

With years of supporting hundreds of moms and dads, Annie and Priya created an innovative resource that will revolutionize the way that parents navigate early parenthood, maximizing joy and minimizing stress. As moms who have personally experienced postpartum struggles, they empathize with other parents, saying, “We’ve been there—amidst the endless diapers and tears. Through our own journeys as clients and therapists, we’ve gained wisdom to help others thrive, not just survive, postpartum.”

While there’s been growing awareness about postpartum mental health, the conversation must extend further, given that the postpartum period can last up to 7 years after childbirth. The statistics are concerning: 1 in 5 mothers and 1 in 10 fathers experience postpartum depression or anxiety, while 1 in 10 mothers also grapple with lesser-known but impactful disorders such as postpartum panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to birth trauma. Physical health after delivery does not guarantee mental or emotional wellness for parents.

Moms and dads should understand that they are not alone, and there are proven ways to prepare for the early parenting experience. Whether it’s a first baby or seeking a different experience with subsequent children, Annie and Priya have  are committed to helping parents realize their worth and well-being by fostering a joyful journey together. They know that, “when parents are well, the entire family can be well.”

Healing Home has helped countless families create plans, ensuring parents are seen, valued, and supported postpartum inside of the therapy room. Priya and Annie acknowledge that traditional therapy isn’t needed for everyone though.

So, in time for Valentine’s Day, Healing Home lovingly launches its Online Postpartum Planning Course! This personalized, solution-focused experience offers all of the guided support for navigating the new, exciting and challenging postpartum phase in the comfort of your own home.

Priya and Annie recognize the value of other postpartum support resources.Their approach is unique. “We love so many of the tools out there, but they are all geared toward only mom and they all seem to push parents into one ‘right’ way of parenting. Our course is both universally effective and respects the myriad “right” ways to parent.” Modern parents often express feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of advice – often conflicting – from books, social media, and family members. The Healing Home Online Postpartum Planning Course empowers parents to discover their own “right” way instead. This collaborative, expert guidance from two moms and mental health experts who deeply understand the challenges completely changes the narrative. Drawing from their personal experiences and extensive work as certified perinatal therapists, they stress the significance of valuing both parents in shaping their family’s future from the outset.

The signature Healing Home Online Postpartum Planning Course offers 15 self-paced journeys with Annie and Priya, complemented by personalized guided journals, collaborative couple’s journals, and a template for creating your family’s postpartum plan. “We are busy parents, juggling many balls, and we wanted to create something that connects with that lifestyle. So, we mindfully made this resource mobile, easy to follow on your own-time based upon proven results of parenting joy and confidence.”

Annie and Priya generously share their own stories and heartaches as well as their own postpartum plans, reflecting on what they wish they’d known before bringing home their babies. Topics covered include building a supportive village, practicing self-compassion, nurturing intimacy, balancing personal and professional identities, and more. With Healing Home Group, new parents are equipped with tools to navigate the complexities of parenthood, transforming what might feel like being adrift in a sea of baby bottles into a journey guided by personal compasses and expert guides.

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