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Stefanie Horn of Stamford Moms son with his HealthyBaby diapers



As new moms and then as second or third-time moms welcoming more babies, nothing is more important to us than keeping our babies happy and safe. That’s why we are thrilled to share all about a growing baby brand that is completely shaking things up (for the better): HealthyBaby. Founded by mom of two Shazi Visram, who created the industry-changing HappyBaby food brand, HealthyBaby is on a mission to protect babies while encouraging developmental support.


How? Through a major change in how they’re developing products. From diapers that are made with 35% plant-based materials (the only one on the market), to a best-in-class prenatal vitamin that was developed in conjunction with the Neurological Health Foundation, the HealthyBaby brand is truly all about giving your child the best of the best.

All of their amazing products are verified through the Environmental Working Group (EWG), meaning they’re free from harmful chemicals and meet the incredibly strict standards the EWG upholds. That commitment is at the heart of everything Shazi has created with Happy Baby and now with HealthyBaby.


“I started HealthyBaby because of the importance of the diapering years to baby’s development. The problem is that there continues to be no regulation ensuring personal care baby products are made safely. Thus we pioneered the first and still only EWG Verified Safe diaper on the market,” explains Shazi.

Soon after, she expanded the HealthyBaby product line. “We have also launched microbiome friendly and made-safe products across shampoomoisturizing cream and home cleaning for baby—and we’re going to keep upping the standard because baby is soaking it all in,” says Shazi.


Whether you’re looking for a safer diaper, diaper cream, prenatal vitamin, baby balm or cream, shampoo, laundry detergent or deodorant, HealthyBaby has a product you and your family will love.


We asked some of the moms of The Local Moms Network what they’ve loved about HealthyBaby. Here’s what they said:




Stefanie’s son plays in his HealthyBaby diaper



The Difference is Noticeable Immediately
You might think a diaper is a diaper—but when you put a HealthyBaby diaper on your little one, you’ll instantly feel and see the difference. “I love the HealthyBaby diapers; not only have they proven to be extremely absorbent but their quality and softness is incomparable to any other diaper we have tried,” says Brittni Guariglia of Smithtown Moms. “I also feel very at ease knowing that there are not any harmful chemicals that can affect my child in his development at this critical age,” she adds.

The Better Design Is in the Details
Stefanie Horn of Stamford Moms says she also loves the safe ingredients, including that the wipes are made with pure water for her sensitive baby’s bottom. “But my favorite thing is the smart packaging the wipes come in! It’s easy to get one out at a time (even single handed),” says Stefanie. As a mom of three, Stefanie, like most moms, is all about streamlining everyday tasks, and HealthyBaby helps with that.



Sophie Wilson of Hamptons Moms cuddles with her daughter



It Makes Doing Laundry Easier
Like the easy-to-open wipes, Sophie Wilson of Hamptons Moms says that the pump bottle laundry detergent dispenser is a small but meaningful timesaver.  She also, of course, loves what’s inside that bottle. “Our daughter’s skin is sensitive and it’s great to have a gentle, fragrance free option that actually works,” says Sophie. On that note…

Even the Deodorant Actually Works
Anyone who has tried organic deodorant knows that a natural deodorant that works is really the holy grail of nontoxic products. Says Brittni: “Becoming a mom and the hormonal changes that occur from pregnancy to breastfeeding, I could never find a deodorant that actually worked and was not filled with aluminum or harmful fragrances.” But she’s now a convert.  “I was skeptical to try HealthyBaby but I was really impressed.  I no longer fear smelling when my deodorant stops working throughout the day,” shares Brittni.


To learn more about HealthyBaby products, and shop for one-time purchases or a flexible subscription, go to and use code LocalMomsWelcome for 10% off non-subscription items.

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