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In the whirlwind of our day to day very full lives, finding moments to pamper ourselves often falls by the wayside. Yet, for moms juggling all the responsibilities, maintaining radiant and youthful skin that doesn’t require a full face of makeup on the daily remains a priority. However, the idea of committing to an elaborate skincare regimen can feel daunting.
Fear not, for there exists a simple, easy, done-for-you regimen to take the guesswork out of your skincare + achieve a total skin-formation aka your best case skin’ario. Enjoy living your best skin life with targeted, simplified skin regimens at Plush – Laser Facials, Microneedling + Skinbetter Peels.
Get Glowing with Laser Facials
Once one of Hollywoods best kept secrets, Laser Facials have emerged as a game changer in the realm of skincare. These non-invasive treatments pack a big punch –
  • Boost collagen production
  • Improve fine lines + wrinkles
  • Improve complexion, texture + tone
  • Fight acne
  • Reverse hyperpigmentation + sun damage
  • Give you a total GLOW
Laser facials are a quick, comfortable and easy 15 minute treatment with zero downtime, making them a perfect fit for the busy lifestyle of moms. In just a short session, you can achieve smoother, firmer skin without the hassle of a lengthy recovery period. With regular treatments, laser facials can become your secret weapon for maintaining a youthful glow effortlessly.
Elevate Your Skin Rejuvenation with Microneedling
Microneedling is getting all the buzz and she’s the #1 most desired aesthetic treatment on the market for a very good reason. However, not all Microneedling pens are created equally (and not even close). Candela Exceed Microneedling pen is FDA-cleared and treats the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, enlarged pores, surgical scars, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation for your most fresh + radiant skin.
  • First FDA cleared system for both facial wrinkles + acne scarring
  • Totally comfortable – the best numbing avail
  • Minimal pin-point bleeding – nothing like the IG vids
  • Minimal downtime
With its ability to address a multitude of skincare concerns in a single treatment, microneedling offers moms a streamlined approach to achieving radiant skin. We also save you time and created this as an add-on to combo with your laser facial in the same session – win, win!
Enjoy The Ultimate Skin Treat – The ‘No Peel’ Peel
Enter Skinbetter peels – a plush fave + the ultimate indulgence for the skincare enthusiast. These medical-grade chemical peels are designed to improve fine lines + wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, uneven skintone + dullness – with no actually ‘peeling’ and zero downtime.
  • Vitamin A – the gold standard for anti-aging, collagen production + skin cell turnover
  • Blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid – heavy on the lactic, so v hydrating
  • The best booster / maintenance treatment to add into your regimen – once per month
  • Have an event or a special day on Friday? Get your peel 1 day before for RADIANT skin!
Whether you’re battling skin dullness, hyperpigmentation, or just need a skin pick-me-up, Skinbetter peels can help you reclaim your skin’s natural radiance with minimal effort. Say goodbye to complex skincare regimens and hello to a simplified approach to beauty.
Your Best Case Skin’ario + Done For You Regimen – Making Skincare Simple
At Plush Laser, we’ve worked with the top partners in our industry to bring you a simplified, done-for-you skincare regimen to take all the guesswork out of having great skin. We focus on your specific skin goals and have created regimens by top skin concerns including –
  • ‘Total Refresh’ – for anti-aging
  • ‘Brighten – Me Up’ – for hyperpigmentation
  • ‘Magic Eraser’ – for diffuse redness/rosacea
  • ‘Clearly Confident’ – for acne
We also know that 2-3 skinbetter products used daily changes your skin, which is why we’ve included the top products to transform each skin concern in every plush regimen.
Each regimen includes a combo of Laser Facials, Microneedling + Peels (your ideal skin’ario) and the top 3 skinbetter products for a full skin experience. To simplify your skincare routine and get your best skin (ever) book your totally FREE consultation at Plush Laser today!
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